Conditions of business and agreement.

     1. Provider name: Walk-in-the-Park Pet Services
     2. Address: Tigh beag, Strathyre, Callander. FK18 8NA
     3. Contact Telephone: 07811 638 397 (or 07501 251 965)
     4. Email:
     5. Client name:
     6. Client address:
     7. Contact telephone (day):
     8. Contact telephone (evening/weekend):
     9. Email:

Agreed Duration and Days.
Walking available:
October to March - Monday to Friday from 9.15 am to 4.30 pm
April to September - Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm
(Circle as appropriate)
     * 30 minutes/60 minutes/90 minutes/120 minutes
     * Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday
     * Saturday/Sunday by agreement only
     * Bank Holiday by agreement only
     * Time of collection
     * Alternative time of collection (add details for any days on which different times will apply)


* Fees as per prices page
* For clients outside the boundary area (Callander to Lochearnhead), mileage will be charged at £0.40 per mile from the closest boundary.
* Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays by arrangement only, charged at the weekday rate plus an extra £1 per 30 minutes.
* The Provider will provide the Client with weekly/fortnightly invoices for payment with either of the following methods:
* Cash or bank transfer payable weekly in advance on the Monday of every week or
* Payment by cheque, payable fortnightly in advance as above. 

Additional Terms of Agreement.

* The Provider will walk the dog(s) described below for not less than the duration agreed and on the days specified above unless due to circumstances outside the Providers control (ie weather conditions), where an suitable alternative will be arranged.
* The Provider will collect the dog(s) from the address shown above unless by prior written agreement.
* The Provider will provide this service personally or by a person appointed by and working under the Provider’s instructions.
* The Client will either ensure that access is given to the Provider to collect the dog(s) from the agreed address at the agreed times or give the Provider keys to the place where the dog(s) reside.
* Where the Client makes available a key, the Provider will use the key only to collect and return the Dog and for no other purpose and agrees to make no copies, to keep it safe, not to release it to any third party, will return it to the Client upon demand.
* The Client will supply suitable collars or harnesses and leads (and when necessary muzzles) for the dog and any coats or other accessories, which the Client wishes to be used.
* The Provider will not handle ANY dangerous dogs, and reserves the right to refuse dogs/terminate the contract where the dog is considered aggressive or otherwise unsuitable.
* Any dog which in the Providers opinion presents a risk of aggressive behavior, however small that risk, will only be walked under muzzle and on its own.
* The Provider reserves the right to curtail any walk during which the Clients dog is involved in an aggressive incident and to refuse to walk the dog until the Client provides a suitable muzzle for the dog.
* The Client will ensure that the dog wears an ID tag on the collar.
* The Provider will be entitled to refuse to walk the dog if a suitable collar or harness and lead (and muzzle) is not provided and to be paid in full as though that walk had taken place.
* The Provider’s charges are at the rates and are payable at the times set out above.
* The Client will inform the Provider fully of any characteristics of the dog which needs to be known for handling and care of the dog.
* The Provider holds insurance in respect of the death, loss or injury of dogs in the Provider’s care for a maximum £5,000 per dog and shall have no liability to the Client for any claim in respect of the dog, except such claim if any as covered by the insurance and admitted by the insurer.
* The Provider will inform the Client of any incident or anything, which the Provider notices about the dog, which as dog owners the Client, ought to know.
* The Provider will keep the dog on a lead whenever out of the house, unless by prior agreement with the Client, and only after such time as the Provider is confident that the dog will respond and return when called. The Provider will take care so far as is practicable both that the dog is not a nuisance or danger to anyone, or any other animals, and that no harm comes to it.
* The Provider will on all walks remove the dog’s feces and ensure that the dog does not foul any public or private place and, the Client will provide a suitable bin for disposal of the dog’s feces.
* The Client will ensure that the dog is up to date with all worm and flea treatment and will supply the Provider with details of the dog’s inoculations and contact details of its vet. In case of need the Provider is authorised to refer the dog to the named (or in emergency any other) vet for advice or treatment at the Client’s expense. *
All pet food, supplements and medications are to be provided by the Client with written instructions for their administration.
* The Provider, for obvious reasons will not walk bitches in season.
* The Client will make available a towel to enable the dog to be rubbed down if returning wet/muddy from the walk. The Client will understand however that we do not offer a dog grooming service.
* The Provider is will ensure that the dog’s water bowl is filled prior to leaving the dog at the end of the period.
* The Client agrees to the Provider using photographs taken of their pets for the purposes of this website and for other promotional literature.
* Payment is due weekly/fortnightly in advance as specified above, payment will be accepted by cash, cheque or bank transfer.
* Cancellation of any booked walking requires no less than 72 hours notice. Notice given less than 72 hours in advance will result in the fee remaining payable as if the walk had taken place.
* Where due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances the Provider is unable to fulfill the booking, The Client will be offered (i) an alternative walking slot (ii) a refund (iii) a credit against a subsequent walk.
* Charges WILL be subject to review 12 months from the date below, however the Provider reserves the right to review the above pricing policy at any time giving the Client no less than 2 weeks’ notice in writing.?
* No information regarding the Client or their pet(s) will be released to anyone outside of the Provider. The Provider respects the privacy and safety of all its clients and their pets.
* Either party may terminate this notice by not less than one week’s/fortnights notice (dependent upon payment method) to the other at the address given in this agreement.
* The Provider will inform the client 2 months in advance of any periods of unavailability (for annual leave), allowing the Clients time to make alternative arrangements. However, the Provider will endeavor to find suitable cover.
* The Provider reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and without notice.


I, Roel van der Vliet trading as Walk-in-the-Park Pet Services offer a dog-walking  / pet sitting service to you _____________________ on the above terms:
References to ‘Dog’ are to the Client’s dog or dogs as described above. This agreement is made when signed by both parties.

Signed (Provider): ________________________________________
Dated: _______________________________________

Signed (Client): ________________________________________
Dated: ____________________________________


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